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On Sunday night, the world was touched by a man called Leo, who stood in front of the camera for three hours repeating “He will not divide us” until a woman named Alexi got out of her bed in Brooklyn to hug and join him.I’ve seen people stand hours next to someone they’ve just met and then swapped Instagram handles in order to keep in touch. Yesterday a man recounted how, after travelling from Canada, he’d been given a bed for the night by someone he’d just met in front of the webcam.La Beouf was also there, alongside a rotating cast of people who took their spot in front of the camera: “The revolution starts here.It starts with you”, said one man, while another pointed to his brain, “It starts here!While watching yesterday, every so often, La Beouf would look into the camera and remind us, “you’re all invited”.I wanted to step through my screen and join, both when people filled it, singing and dancing, but also when they were alone, concern registering in their voice as they repeated the words to an anonymous audience.Using the technology often levelled as a critique against young people – “they’re too dependent on it” – we can pull strength, not just from our communities but from worldwide ones.

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Moments after it went live, a red-haired man stood behind Smith, his fist clenched in the air for a few seconds before walking away silently. Soon, surrounded by a group of people from all backgrounds, they collectively broke into freestyle song and dance using those five words as their only lyrics; “He will not divide us”.Hours slipped by and when I had to eventually switch off for food, water or general life, those words haunted me, ringing loud in my ears.Anyone following La Beouf, Rönkkö & Turner’s previous performances will know that connection, particularly when it transfers from the online realm into the real world, is at the heart of their work.The collective hours that I’ve spent tuned into the feed feel primal – it’s intoxicating and I can’t look away.I’ve craved a reminder that there are other people who believe that unity is our way out of darkness.

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