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There's no shortage of material online parodying the Trump campaign, it's kind of an art unto itself, which goes some way to explaining why Australian-born artist Illma Gore decided to paint a decidedly unflattering pastel-based pencil and oil portrait of him, a nude one.It's almost beautiful, in a grotesque sort of way, and if you were under any illusions about it having been made in a political context, well, it's called Make America Great Again. Gore was the first to share it on her Facebook page on February 9th, which was actually just under a month before he seemingly alluded to the size of his weiner during a live GOP debate, and a few days after that happened, the image was banned from Facebook.

The console log is a scrolling window of text - think of it as a Twitter feed for the apps running on your phone.

I’m not married or sneaking around behind anyone’s back, but I’m certainly not in the business of giving my contact book to an unknown Chinese startup.

Later, I would find out that I was very glad I made that decision.

She also received threats from Trump supporters with varying levels of severity, up to and including death.

Following the Facebook removal the picture was effectively banned from display or distribution anywhere in the USA (where Gore is based), so, naturally, now it's on display here in the UK.

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