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A donation of blood gets you free entry into the LAN party.For more information about the event head over to our Facebook event page.Its been a while since I posted and I think its time for an update!Website Changes I feel like in every blog post I make there has been site changes. I am designing the website to display more information about where we are now instead of where we will be.Our minnie LAN parties will be a great place to meet new people and get together with friends to play video games.We are still working out the smaller details but we are to the point where we know they will start happening soon so we don’t mind letting you know about it.

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Life LAN Speaking of events, if you did not know already we are partnering up with the Blood Bank of Alaska to bring to you Life LAN.

We should be getting a swag box to give away at our LANs. Full on 10gb netowrking The gear I said we bought was equipment to upgrade our core networking to all 10gb. If only we could get 10gb internet we would be set.

Basically what this means is that we now have the infrastructure to start hosting services (Cache, intranet, voice, and more) without worrying about slowing anything down.

https:// Other Events I am starting to put together some other events for in between LANs.

If you have an idea about an event our would like to work with us for an event please let us know, we love working with the gaming community.

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