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When she got inside, she discovered there were eight men.She was forced to sleep with all of them, she said.Two years ago a woman came to Blessing's hometown in the south of Nigeria and told the young woman there was work for her in Russia.She told Blessing she would have a job in a supermarket, and that it would take the her just five or six months to earn the money to reimburse the costs of the visa and the journey to Russia.They are promised a good education and well-paid jobs. Every year, thousands of Nigerian women are trafficked into Russia for sex.One woman told DW she came to the country to work in a supermarket. Traffickers told her it was to cover the ‘cost’ of her journey.But her time in Russia has changed her life forever.

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DW's Emma Burrows has been investigating how Nigerians come for university and disappear into the sex trade."The majority come to Russia on a student visa, and I want to see more scrutiny of that." Kehinde said illiterate teenagers were being trafficked."How can you bring a girl of 14- or 15-year old to study in a university, when she cannot even read and write? Migration violations DW was able to examine passports and migration documents belonging to six Nigerian girls, including Blessing, that showed they had arrived in Russia on student visas.Usman Gafai, head of mission at the Nigerian Embassy in Moscow, said he, too, was aware of Nigerians being trafficked for sex to Russia."Ten years ago, it was not such a huge problem as this," he told DW. On a daily basis they are growing and making money out of it." The Russian government needed to "carry out proper scrutiny of visa applicants back in Nigeria," Gafai said.

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