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Unless they were utter awkward idiots who didn't remotely know how to behave within society.The show isn't funny, it isn't interesting, it isn't even smart and that means that it isn't remotely entertaining.Again i started fresh by watching its 4th episode , but this was also boring ..again i switched it off after watching episode 4th also .. And different from many shows, the continuity of the play is very strong.Now i have made my mind to never watch this show again . nothing will hold u to watch further episodes of show . In one word, "modern family" is one of the most outstanding comedies in the quarter.

It's an incredibly 'forced' show which really throws at you pretty much every single predictable one-liner you can think of.

" In the pantheon of great television comedies aired in the last fifty years, "Modern Family" is a notable standout.

Part of that is due to the great scripts, with their interwoven stories, machine-gun timing, and character-wise references.

I think the true test of a great comedy is the number of laugh-out-loud moments and "Modern Family" is packed with them.

In fact, it compares favorably with the script of any comedy film in terms of humor and cleverness.

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