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New phone is: activated (phone and data service working), backed up (to i Cloud), showing data like contacts and photos and everything looks peachy. Just follow each step in this Apple support article.

Notes: So one of the first steps I like to take in i Tunes is to rename the i Phone so that: 1) there’s no confusion whose “i Pod” this is later and 2)add some additional information in case it’s lost.

Update: Bradley has recorded a screencast that gives you a tour of how Curbi works.

Next, go to Settingsi Cloud and make sure it’s set to your child’s account.

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The problem: the i Pod Touch starts at 9 and can’t easily be bought by the pennies your 5 year old found in the couch.

Personally, I turned on Documents and Data to back up their games’ progress and Mail and Contacts for later when preserving their few contacts for Face Timing with Grammy and Pop-Pop.

Second, I would go to Settingsi Tunes & App Store and make sure the Apple ID is set to your Apple ID or whoever in the family has the purchasing account.

It’s easy just double-click on the name of the i Phone in the top left, it’ll turn blue, and then type the name of your kid(or kids, my boys share this device.) and “If lost please call: Your-phone-number.” It’ll look like this: Okay now, return to the phone: you’ll see the familiar Apple “Hello, Hola, etc” screen: So, then: Yes, if you’ve come this far it’s time for your little person to have their own Apple ID.

We want them to have an Apple ID not because we want them to use it to BUY stuff on i Tunes or the App Store (we’ll set that to your account) BUT so that they can BACKUP the device’s data to i Cloud with their own free 5GB.

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