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Thus passionate kissing, the kind clearly inappropriate between a brother and sister should be resolved for marriage.1 Timothy 5:2 appears to back up the authors’ point by explicitly tying together “the familial treatment of the opposite sex with absolute purity,” instructing Timothy to treat “older women as mothers, younger women as sisters, in all purity.” Would you kiss your sister on the cheek when you say goodbye?Clearly some forms of kissing are nonsexual; we kiss our children and our mothers.But there are some forms of kissing that we reserve exclusively for our wives.

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I wanted to convince myself that I could go far beyond what my conscience was screaming.Of course not, so don’t kiss your girlfriend that way either.Where so many people today err is in creating a category that fits somewhere between the neighbor relationship and the marriage relationship and this is exactly where the authors want to challenge the reader.If he isn’t your husband and he isn’t a blood relative, he is your neighbor and needs to be treated as such.In short: As I considered the authors’ perspective I noted my changing perspective on this issue.

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