Ariel lin joe cheng dating 2016

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The main cast Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen have filmed about 40 kissing scenes.

When talking about Zheng Yuan Chang’s “Kissing Experience”, he revealed that he was very nervous about his first kiss during his high school days; the most romantic experience will be kissing among the crowd during New Year’s Eve countdown.

He said: [I didn’t dare to say who I like and also will not directly express my own feelings.]Using txt messages to pursue girl and to confess love will get 100% successful rate Then normally how Xiao Zhong would pursue girls?

[First of all I will spend some time with her, and then will get the chance to tell her by writing letters, sending txt messages.] He feels that the power of words is much stronger, able to allow the opposition to have more space to imagine.

The stories that resonated seem a bit timeless even as the people playing the characters move on.

One of Taiwan’s most popular and beloved dramas is indisputably and elevating the niche story to greater consciousness and a wider audience.

Much as I think Ariel Lin is never going to end up in real life with another actor (she’s never dated any of her co-stars or anyone in the entertainment industry since she debuted), she has such explosive and brilliant chemistry with ALL her male co-stars there are legions of Ariel fans who ship her with a former co-star.

I don’t blame them, she makes it hard to believe it’s just acting when you see her onscreen all in love.

Ariel personally posted a very lengthy and heartfelt statement on her weibo, which I have translated below.

[Having fans meeting, having interaction with the fans is already very good!

A walk down is always welcome when it comes to my favorite dramas, those that linger forever like a soft imprint on the narrative soul.

My girlfriend and I just started to kiss on the street, now when think about it, it was very romantic!

]Xiao Zhong may likes to joke around and having a lot of friends in the entertainment industry but actually he also share some similarity with Zhi Shu, the male lead of the series --- keeping quiet!

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