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at the dinner table; and the Pimps and prostitutes of Genoa City; PLUS: The Wee Are Ashley and Ravi a supercouple… ; Dina’s fuzzy math; Brash & Sassy exposed; [a Y&R Chat power outage]; Jordan and Lily kiss!

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; Reed and Mattie sneakin’ around; and Graham goes to Paris? ; Dina, Brent Davis and Ashley not-Abbott; Billy fights back; Jordan takes Cane’s place…; Victor and Nikki’s “separation”; Victor kicks Nick off The Ranch; Victoria’s condition and Jack’s worst enemy; Tessa and Crystal are sisters! ; A wish for Hilary; and AThe L word; Y&R behind the scenes shake-up; Sex trafficking victim, king pin, and accomplices; Jordan’s past, present, and future; Cane packs his bags; Charlie calls a truce; Victoria snaps! ; Abby in the middle; Victoria’s head; Nick, Noah, and the father/son cycle; Hilary’s hidden footage; Ashby family stress; Dina and Grah Nikki’s triumph, Nick’s sabotage, and Victor’s rage!; and Do Nikki and Jack have a REAL chance at romance? ; Mattie and Reed’s first kiss; Victoria faints and Jack plants a seed; Dina is depressed? ; and Crystal’s call; PLUS: The Weekly Y&R Chat Poll, Are you open to a romance between Mariah and Tessa? ; Hilary Hour power; Best and worst dressed: Red carpet edition!; Graham’s inheritance; and Nikki splits town; PLUS: The Weekly Y&R Chat Poll, “Who Said It” Game, Opening “The Chatterbox” to Read YOUR Comm Being Mrs.Victor Newman; Graham in the middle; Should Lily forgive Cane or start moving on?

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