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If you wait until next year it could cost you over ,000 in lost revenue if you wait. We have had to turn down numerous enquiries because none of our distributors had them either.You might ask, Why would anyone want a 100W panel when for a little more money you could get a 250W panel?Other than utility fees and labour almost everything has come down in price consistently.Unfortunately in the past six months this trend has reversed and it had done so for two reasons. Regardless where panels or other equipment is made, they are priced in US dollars and of course the US dollar has been on a bit of tear lately gaining almost 25%.

The rate applies to all projects that receive their AAN after December 31st which means if you want this years rate you really need to get your application in today.Most people don/t know it but in Ontario we have a choice where we get our electricity from.We no longer need to continue paying ever increasing rates to the utilities.Recognizing when we have achieved grid parity is not easy. The most important factors are cost of solar equipment, the interest rate and the cost of grid power.The faster the utilities raise rates the faster we get to grid parity and for better or worse the rates in Ontario continue to escalate at a frightening rate.

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